PhotonSynthesis is A Bonsai Tree with 54 Mini Photovoltaic Leaf Panels

The new bonsai like PhotonSynthesis designed by designer Vivien Muller is a device which seems straight out of designer text books. The device consists of 54 mini photovoltaic leaf panels which are needed for charging various gadgets. The connecting power cords are hidden beneath the tray that holds the overall plant. The so called branches of this tree consist of solar panels which store the electric energy from the sun in the battery which can be produced at the time of recharging the electric device. Thus it’s a nice utilization of natural resources to take care of our daily needs though it’s tempting enough to say that power does grow on trees.

bonsai photosyntese

bonsai photosyntese

Designer : Vivien Muller via IGreenSpot

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