SNS Project Inkwell Spark Concept

IDEO has come up with a revolutionary product that has been designed as a study tool for kids under the age of 12 years. It allows them to read, learn, collaborate and work the product is design is laptop style computing which has a special set of physical characteristics which facilitates the usage for children and allowing schools and parents alike, to support the system. Also it helps students to adjust to any given environment and learn during the same time. This is a very useful tool as students can learn in this faster compared to other mediums.

spark study tool for kids

Text from IDEO :
Project Inkwell’s goal is to greatly increase the size and effectiveness of the K-12 education technology market by managing the synthesis of functional specifications for a ubiquitous computing platform. As a Project Inkwell partner, IDEO assisted by facilitating a group of experts in understanding and synthesizing the needs and desires of students, and by prototyping possible solutions. The results of this effort have been visualized in the Spark concept.

Spark allows students to learn anytime, anywhere. It provides students with a highly mobile device that supports collaboration and multimedia work through educational software. Wireless networking enables use of the internet as a learning space and a means of working with peers and mentors, and promotes the publishing and sharing of work. The configuration of Spark affords an endless number of personalization opportunities. The soft housing protects the Spark unit while providing a medium with which to convey a sense of group or individual identity. The housing and keyboard are inexpensive and can be easily replaced over the life of the device. Along with the full-function keyboard, the Spark housing provides storage for a hot-swappable spare battery and a Bluetooth mouse.

spark study tool for kids

Designer : IDEO

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