Waterless Urinal From Kohler Avoid Splashing

Designed by Nicholas Paterson, Kohler offers the opportunity to save water and reduce sewage and maintenance costs while also providing outstanding performance and stylish design to users. Once the liquid waste has passed through, the less dense sealing liquid maintains its position at the top of the trapway, thus providing an impermeable barrier that blocks odors. Quote from the website : “The geometry of the urinal not only provides a fresh, architectural design, but also virtually eliminates splashing. Additionally, the touch-free operation improves hygiene for all users and is more vandal-resistant due to the absence of a flush valve”. I think these are going to be used in all bathroom somewhere near in the future.

waterless urinal kohler

future waterless urinal

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9 thoughts on “Waterless Urinal From Kohler Avoid Splashing

  1. That is definitely a step up, but what about those who fail to step foward. Most of the public restrooms show signs of males failing to make that perfect aim, plus there will always be those who wish to mark their territory. "I got it!" How about a public restroom equiped with a PVC rod along the stretch of the basedoard that sprays thin multiple stream of disinfectant, which will clean the floor and deodorize the place. This type of rod that is activated by reverse motion sensors(when the restroom is empty. It'll save the owners mone on dealing with the lazy restroom techs that hate cleaning urinals and floors.

    Get ready to redesign the entire sewage system and sorrounding infrastructure associated with waste treatment and agriculture as a whole.

  2. The missing the mark will always be an issue no matter what you put in.

    1 The real problem is the smell of the waterless urinals, they have a small bucket setting inside the urinal with a compound which floats above the undiluted urine, (which is supposed to seal

    against the bucket walls) but the urine wicks up beside the compound causing a horrible odor.

    2 with pure urine going down the drain pipe without the dilution of water, the build up of calcium and etc will be very tough to unstop in a very short time.

    Kohler says your supposed to maintain the urinal with pouring water into it daily and washing it down.

    come on folks most places dont have a urinal flushing service to clean it, nothing replaces the flushometer yet. 3 Have you had to change the bucket after 6000 uses ????

  3. @D. Lew,

    your suggested idea about the automatic cleaning using the pvc rod seems perfect, no need to hire any manpower to clean up the rest room. your idea could be applied in the near future when waterless urinal is set up.

    @Ron T

    you don't have to worry about the odor, its not just waterless but its also odorless. it can last forever if you well maintained it in a regular basis.

  4. I have been in the plumbing supply business for over twenty years and i think ron is much closer to the solution.

    The acid in urine (uratic acid maybe?) actually is very abrasive to a china finish if it is not cleaned from the surface(such as a flush cycle)

    Maybe a flush valve could be designed that use a combination of a fraction of a gallon mixed with a biodegradable sanitizing solution for each of the manual flushes and then have a maintanance flush that flushed based on a cycle count and would be a full volume flush to clean the surface more thouroughly.

    The waterless sounds great on the surface but the maintenance/housekeeping issues make it the not so perfect solution

  5. we have used waterless urinal in our property and have experienced problem of stinky urine smell inside the rest room. how do we get rid of this? its waterless, thus not requiring water, but the strong smell seem to remain unflushed.. would appreciate your help on this… thanks a lot.

  6. The Sloan waterfree urinals are quite maintenance intensive and require special cleaning techniques. Lots of busywork compared to regular flush urinals that can be cleaned with a johnny mop and a bucket of water with bleach.

    Sloan told me that only certain kinds of cleaners can be used. They don't even want neutral cleaner or water getting into the cartridge. Otherwise the floating sealant is destroyed. I can vouch for that. Sloan will not sell the packets of liquid sealant by themselves!

    Three times a day, the urinals get misted, wiped, misted and wiped again. We are going through a lot of paper towels and latex gloves! I'd much rather have the regular flush urinals as they required much less busy work and materials.

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  8. I was wandering what about the privacy of the person? It will be very auncumftable to be all together with ought any division. But I really like the Idea .. I was wandering what will be the market price?

  9. I’m actually curious how the drainage on these things work. I mean, without water, how will the relatively small amount of urine pass through all that plumbing to reach the main drain?

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