Eco Shower Contributes the Environment by Saving Water and Energy

Having a hot water shower after a busy day is always preferable for all range of people, but not much of them think about the huge wastage of water and electricity. The Eco Shower concept integrates various handy ecological features to efficiently minimize the use of water and energy. Inside the head of the shower concept, a turbine has been incorporated that produces the required energy to heat the water from the water flow through the showerhead. The bottom of the shower features a set of pressure blocks that pump water back to the showerhead. The water flow is automatically regulated by the system according to the user’s weight and recycles water to lessen fresh water use. The shower has been made from recycled concrete, steel and glass, instead of traditional non-recyclable ceramic.

eco shower

eco shower

eco shower

eco shower

Designer : Paul Frigout

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5 thoughts on “Eco Shower Contributes the Environment by Saving Water and Energy

  1. wow this is brilliant, may i suggest that you make a double filter and maybe even a cycling strainer for all the dirty bacteria and particles into a separate chamber of clean tap water to rinse the filter so your shower will always stay fresh clean and Eco friendly ! the separate chamber could even host a separate pipeline to drain the dirty excess water full of bacteria . Email me if you found this helpful i would love to know ? !

  2. this shower is AMAZING!! i wouldlike to know if it is already invented..i know that a stupd question..but is it available to buy?? and put in your house?

  3. I need to get one of those…….that's awesome, except for the fact that your bathing in the water that just washed all the dirt off you…………like the idea though……..

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