Vibering Sensor to Help Detect Noises for Hearing-Impaired

This stylish ring is actually a gadget to help deaf people to sense noises around them. Vibering sensor helps them to notice vehicle’s horn or someone’s call at the back which often results in an unforeseen emergencies. Consist of two rings and a wristwatch, the ring can vibrate to alarm the bearer about specific noise and identify the information from the wristwatch window at the same time.

Vibering sensor not just an alarm unit for hearing-impaired, but also can be stylish fashion items with its stylish design of rings and wristwatch.

vibering sensor

vibering sensor for deaf people

vibering sensor for sensing noise

vibering sensor

Designers : Jeong Kwang-seok, Kim Min-hee, Kim Hyun-joong

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34 thoughts on “Vibering Sensor to Help Detect Noises for Hearing-Impaired

  1. This is a great invention! Please email me where we can get more information, and pricing of these vibering sensor. My organization in Canada is very interested about this. Thank you.

  2. interesting. i wonder abt the battery in these ?? size too. how much too. it looks so cool and good idea for the hearing impaired. i am hearing impaired. i want one too.

  3. i want one. i think this wonderful idea for deaf people. but i am deaf. when this will come out? pls mail me here [email protected]. when you send me about this and let me know when come out. thanks

  4. Amazing! I like it.. I want two. How much one? How you delivery it to me? Please send me price Asap. Thank you.

  5. I am Deaf in Finland. I don't know if you are answering any of these questions from people, but please can you give advice on where and how to buy, and the cost? It is great idea and I would like to buy one. Thanks.

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