Unikia Social Grill by Indeed Is A Charcoal Barbecue For Table Use

INDEED Innovation developed “the social barbecue” on behalf of the Scandinavian product developer Unikia. The device is available under the brand name “Well Done” since early July.

“Together – not alone” would be an appropriate slogan to describe this product innovation. The elegant charcoal barbecue for table use strongly differentiates itself through its social aspect. In contrast to conventional charcoal barbecues, there is no need for a “grill master”, who is usually prone to take all responsibility, apart from the company at table. The elongated form of the barbecue makes it accessible for every guest at the same time. Similar to known raclette devices or fondue pots, it fosters a cozy and convivial atmosphere, also whilst the food is prepared. This creates a completely new BBQ experience.

Designer : Indeed Innovation for Unikia

Unikia Social Grill by Indeed

Unikia Social Grill by Indeed

With its sophisticated, fireproof stand the barbeque can be placed on pretty much any table without any danger; even a white tablecloth is a no-brainer. The stylish equipment, such as a set of barbecue tongs and special cone shaped skewers amongst other details, complete the overall concept. The tabletop barbecue has a foldout holder to securely bear the skewers while eating. A special extra are the fireproof ceramic bowls, which every guest can use as a personal cooking pot. In addition, arched handles of the tongs guarantee the food to have a safe journey from grill to plate.

Unikia Social Grill by Indeed

It is not a coincidence that the complete set is such a coherent concept: INDEED, being a specialist in innovation consulting, product design and engineering, was responsible for the whole design process and thereby delivers the full innovation roadmap as if made from one piece – starting with the first sketch, up to the detailed production documentation for the manufacturer. The service includes all steps of the design process, such as ideation, user-research, workshops, conceptualization, elaboration and refinement.

Unikia Social Grill by Indeed

Karel J. Golta, Managing Director of INDEED Innovation: “We were already excited when reading the briefing. During the development process we immersed ourselves increasingly in the idea. Joint cooking has definitely been a trend for years now, however, this hasn’t been implemented in an original and meaningful manner in the context of barbecue yet. The social barbecue stands for an innovative experience.”

Unikia Social Grill by Indeed

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  1. We just got one a week ago and used it twice since. I was a bit sceptical about actually putting it on the table, but it works great. The smart skewers are good for letting the kids use them, they can have some safe fun poking stuff onto the prongs and grilling it. Makes them eat more veggies, too.

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