TOZZ Joyce ’90 Electric Bike Concept For The Future

TOZZ, it’s a brand that creates sustainable e-mobility products by blending urban sports, subculture, and alternative lifestyle. This time, it releases Joyce ’90, a concept electric motorbike that brings you back to the 90s, yet, it is designed for the future. It’s funky combination of an e-bike and a motorbike, a funky, stylish, and practical vehicle for urban environment.

This vehicle model revives the style of the 1990s, you can clearly see it through that signature pop-up headlight and the vibrant combination of colors. This dirt bike-inspired design also comes with integrated Bluetooth boombox.

TOZZ Joyce '90 Electric Bike Concept

Designed by Emre Kuvvetli and Burak Kazar, TOZZ Joyce ’90 electric motorbike wants to create a new category in this micro-mobility market. It’s two-wheeled vehicle that looks like the compact version of an electric motorcycle yet it features high quality e-bike equipment. It’s a new vehicle niche for riders who are looking for stylish and functional electric vehicle.

It’s not just a vehicle, Joyce ’90 is also a party machine. The body hides 150W 2.1 boombox, you can bring the party wherever you go. At the moment, the company says that this vehicle will be licensed as a pedelec, which means, it is legal to ride on bike lanes across Europe.

TOZZ Joyce '90 Electric Bike Concept

TOZZ Joyce '90 Electric Bike Concept

TOZZ Joyce '90 Electric Bike Concept

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