Sleek Speed Racing Bike Concept

The speed racing bike concept is inspired by the alien characters in “Alien.” This motorbike is designed to be as aerodynamic as possible and based on a Kawasaki ninjas stats (height, wheel base etc…), Daniel Bailey, the designer, tried to make the bike rugged while maintaining a certain level of sleekness. The bike is designed to be a speed racing bike in the not too distant future, at least aesthetically!

speed racing bike concept

speed racing bike concept

speed racing bike concept

Designer : Daniel Bailey

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13 thoughts on “Sleek Speed Racing Bike Concept

  1. and then there's the fact that this design has no way of powering the wheels, has no controls, and would be ridiculously uncomfortable and impossible to see out of.

    while it is pretty, it doesn't work.


  2. designed by a person who clearly does not ride! lokks nice but could you even fit a person in there? and weres the controls and foot pegs etc? plus it says its designed for max aerodynamic effect but has an open front wheel so clearly not an aero engineer either

  3. If the wheels are powered by the electromagnetic effects of a Rodin coil making it an electric bike it could be potentially about as fast as a bullet train reaching speeds around 300 mph. The fact that turning ability is very minimized by being limited to leaning is probably for the best. The gravitational pull from any change in direction would make it very difficult to stay on it when turning unless you where planing on traveling in a vacuum environment. And if you can did stick this thing on a vacuum speedway you mine as well set it on an electromagnetic rail to decrease road surface friction to amp it up to speeds of 3500 mph, as long as you brought your own oxegen supply along for the ride and slowly increased your speed over a fifteen to thirty minute period. And in doing all this, by the time you reached full speed at a rate that avoided g-forces and spent the same amount of time to properly decelerate you would have traveled from the a distance equivalent of the distance between the United States and the United Kingdom.

  4. How fast do we really need to travel on land anyway? Considering all the congestion and road hazards, not to mention hand eye reaction time I think speed and distance have their limitations depending on what kind of vehicle you are planning in traveling in. Traveling above 200 mph on land is just suicidal and serves no practical application. For example with the fastest land speed record of 763 mph, or the Top Oil-Ack Attack motor cycle with a recorded speed of 376 mph.

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