The Next Generation of Lunar Home by LUNARK

Lunark has designed a Lunar home prototype, the first, self-funded moon habitat with the idea that when we go to the moon, we must thrive, not just survive. Through this experiment, Lunark wants to share the opportunity with selected Space Researchers where they can test procedures, technologies, and experiments in a special mission. Greenland has been chosen as the perfect environment to test Lunar home, it’s an isolated and confined place with one of harshest climates on earth. During the next two year, two young Danish Space Architects, Sebastian and Karl-John would face this question as they design, build, and live for three months in this first generation of Moon Analogue Habitat in the Arctic, Greenland.

The Next Generation of Lunar Home by LUNARK

These two architects from Lunark would be isolated and endure 30 degrees Celcius, hurricane winds, and of course, those hungry polar bears. Similar to the Moon, Greenland is a hostile place on Earth. Most analogue missions carried out by space industry don’t involve real danger, but we need to properly understand how living on the Moon can affect our body and mind. It makes sense that we need to feel the struggle to survive, just like in extreme reality North of the Arctic circle.

The Next Generation of Lunar Home by LUNARK

Design Overview:

1. Dynamic Circadian Light System: Similar to the poles of the Moon. There is constant sunlight, so we need to create an artificial circadian rhythm.

2. Solar Panel Skin: The exterior of the habitat will be covered in solar cells to maximize the energy generation. We’ll utilize the high albedo and reflectiveness of the snow.

3. Expanding Architecture: Because the habitat will have to be transported with a Hercules plane (and potentially later by a rocket) there is very strict volume requirements.

4. 3D-printed interior: Some of the interior will be 3D-printed so we can modify and repair with our printer.

5. Sunlight Reflector.

6. Using regolith/snow for insulation

7. Algae-based life support system: To help with the human longing for nature a biology based life support system is ideal.

The habitat design will evolve drastically over the next 6 months. This is only our 7th iteration.

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  1. Test on Earth here & make a Village, then take to Moon, Mars.
    Mass produce/ or produce 30 for Moon base.
    Radical for a B&B on Earth

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