Swift Pod – Futuristic Autonomous Overnight Travel Pod by XOIO

Swift Pod is a futuristic, autonomous vehicle for long-distance travel. It is based on simple idea where we should be able to feel comfortable while traveling and enjoy our sleep as well. The most comfortable over-night travel would be by train, in fact night trains were the inspiration for this project. It’s a wonderful idea of where we can take a good night sleep and waking up right when we are about to arrive at our destination. It can be a refreshing sleep, allowing you to be ready for your next adventure. Moreover, we can avoid flying by choosing an overnight trip on a train.

The popularity of autonomous driving is increasing by days. Keeping this in mind, the design team wanted to use that idea and bring it into the field of individual autonomous transport.

Swift Pod – Autonomous Overnight Travel Pod by XOIO

For this scenario, the passenger has ordered a swift journey online, after which futuristic Swift Pod presents itself at the desired place and time. XOIO explains that after “take-off”, the navigation system would autonomously calculate required speed to reach the destination as requested by the passenger. It’s amazing how far you can travel overnight at eco-friendly speeds, especially when traffic is low.

Inside the pod, the passenger can enjoy spacious area to sit and sleep. There’s a foldout table and onboard WiFi that allows you to work while traveling. One Swift Pod can accommodate up to two passengers/travellers. They can choose to sit upright or just relax on bed. It is also equipped with comprehensive multimedia system, snacks, and beverages to make sure your traveling experience would be enjoyable. There’s a storage space underneath the bed or seats. Passengers can also plan stop-overs for breaks, the system provides essential information about your journey, you can enjoy a small break at certain locations to admire nature’s beauty while enjoying your morning coffee.

Swift Pod – Autonomous Overnight Travel Pod by XOIO

Swift Pod – Autonomous Overnight Travel Pod by XOIO

Swift Pod – Autonomous Overnight Travel Pod by XOIO

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