Futuristic Kitchen for 2017 by Antoine Lebrun

Futuristic kitchen, designed by Antoine Lebrun might be available in 2017. You might be able to find kitchens utilizing features like the Aion on the market soon. If you look at the kitchen design, there are specialized plants that were developed by the aerospace industry for their filtering and cleaning properties. They provide a renewable supply of clean water and vegetable soap. When cooking, the plants act as a filtering hood. When it’s time to clean up, simply place the dirty dishes in the sink, close the hood, and the all natural clean cycle begins.

future kitchen, the aion

futuristic kitchen by Antoin Lebrun

green technology future kitchen, the aion

future kitchen eco friendly

Designer : Antoine Lebrun

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4 thoughts on “Futuristic Kitchen for 2017 by Antoine Lebrun

  1. As much as I like the display around this, it's not really a kitchen, it's just a part of a kitchen. I hope in the future kitchens aren't this small, because as much as I like down sizing into better technology, I still like a large kitchen.

  2. This is more of a workstation than a fully fledged kitchen. I suppose it would be good enough for camping though if it ran off batteries or solar power. It could even be used at a conference or social get together or even a buffet at a restaurant.

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