Rabbit R1 Inspired iPhone 16S Concept Phone

Inspired by Rabbit R1, Petar Trlajic wanted to design a mini iPhone that would be a worthy competitor without compromising its usability purposes. We know that Rabbit R1 is an interesting gadget, but Trlajic want to design a unique phone not just because of AI or being different.

Mini iPhone 16S is a concept phone that has 82mmx82mm metal frame (14.5mm thick), including the metal rods that make it 103mm high in total. At first, it might look weird but these metal rods can serve as additional protection for the frame and mics. Moreover, you can attach it to a strap and carry around easily without the need to have it inside your pocket. It extends vertically.

iPhone 16S Concept Phone by Petar Trlajic

Designed by Petar Trlajic, Mini iPhone 16S concept phone is designed with back face split into a small glass-section, the camera housing resembles both older iPhone designs which had similar kind of separation made by the antenna lines. This idea also reminds you current iPhones that have glass pieces incorporated into the camera bumps.

Unlike the R1 gadget, I wanted to exclude rotatable camera, scroll wheel and basically everything that would make the product or certain parts of it look like a toy, one camera at the back is enough for taking pictures or videos and with a glass/mirror you can take amazing portraits/selfies by turning a whole device in your hand and positioning your face by looking at the mirror.

Moving away from these ideas was also inspired in order to give the display a whole front space so it’s not super small and still usable, with the size of 4.15-inch, it’s more than a great screen, touch screen. The grill at the back supports very strong speakers and visually makes the appearance of the device really unique, shutter button on the side was inspired by the Apple Watch Ultra and since both devices are metal pieces I thought it would look good here. And by the way, S stands for small.

iPhone 16S Concept Phone by Petar Trlajic

iPhone 16S Concept Phone by Petar Trlajic

iPhone 16S Concept Phone by Petar Trlajic

iPhone 16S Concept Phone by Petar Trlajic

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