MARIN’s Future Vision: Floating Mega Island

In the future, we might be living and working at the sea, at least this is the future vision of MARIN (Maritime Research Institute). The institute has developed a prototype for Floating mega island. It consists of 87 large floating triangles with flexibility to connect to each other. Together, these triangles would form a flexible floating platform that can be as large as 1 to 5km in cross-section.

With our increasing population, cities would become overcrowded and as sea level rises, we need innovative alternative solution, especially the one that fits Dutch maritime tradition that is floating ports and cities.

Floating Mega Island by Marin

Floating Mega Island by Marin

Floating mega island project from MARIN offers a living platform at the sea, it can develop, generate, store, and maintain sustainable energy through tidal, wave energy, offshore wind, and floating solar panels. People can load and transshipping cargo in coastal areas where there’s a little infrastructure, they can cultivate food such as fish and seaweed. This is also a great platform to build houses or recreation activities close to water.

The main challenge here is to develop floating mega structures that are strong and safe enough to withstand winds and currents. The team should consider the extent of an island’s motion and the effect on people who live and work on the island. Is there any effect on community live under water and around it? Any many more factors to considered in terms of energy, materials, water, and waste. Hopefully we can see some updates about this project in the future.

Floating Mega Island by Marin

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