Shake MP3 Player Uses Kinetic Energy to Charge The Battery

Do you know the motion of your body can actually charge an MP3 player? Yes, it is something new and exciting. Shake is a design concept that makes use of kinetic energy in order to charge the battery. A person just needs to shake his/her body for recharging the battery. Just turn on the “Hold” button and start shaking and once the battery is charged, you can turn off the “Hold” button to play and pause the MP3 player. You must have heard of the pocket watch with same concept but giving life to an electronic device with your physical actions is unbelievable.

shake mp3 player

shake mp3 player

Kenneth says :
Shake is a mp3 player that can be charged by shaking when the HOLD function is on. With HOLD off, the user shakes the player for PLAY/PAUSE. The action of shaking the player to play or charge it is similar to shaking a pocket watch to wind it. The similar semantics provide an interesting yet familiar experience of giving life to an electronic device.The form of Shake was developed based on the language of a pocket watch, not only through the operation of shaking but also visually. Using the form from an established typology, Shake provides a comforting familiarity in a sea of electronics with foreign shapes and forms.

The use of kinetic energy to charge the battery not only solves an environmental issue, but also a more personal one. In situations like a long commute home, the user can enjoy personal audio without worrying about the battery dying out.

shake mp3 player

An electromagnetic coil is connected to the battery, converting kinetic energy into electrical energy that charges the battery. The player connects to the computer via a USB cable through the headphone jack, facilitating the transfer of songs as well as the conventional method of charging.

Shake would utilize kinetic energy generation technology developed by start up company M2E Power. M2E’s micro-generator technology delivers 300% to 700% more power than existing kinetic energy solutions (according to the company’s website), harvesting sufficient energy from normal daily and mechanical motion to power a wide range of mobile electronic devices.

This technology allows Shake to charge even in the user’s pocket while he/her is walking around.

Designer : Kenneth Tay

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