Aeolus Airship Travel Vehicle Concept with Aerodynamic Shape

Aeolus is a vehicle which allows people to travel the earth by air. The design concept is a reaction to an increasing desire of ecological correctness and novel experiences in traveling. The vehicle floats in the air, lifted by a large volume of helium and it can stay airborne for a journey of two weeks. With little effort it can be moved over the earth surface independent from any sort of infrastructure. The vehicle is designed for two to four people. Technically it floats like a balloon and is moved by the wind. Unlike balloons, Aeolus has an aerodynamic shape and is motorized with air’s crews.

On demand the airship can be steered in the aspired direction. The vertical shape and a fold out stand allows landing in many areas far from airports. People can travel to exotic and untouched places without leaving traces. The concept is not about a fast arrival but about sensibility to the environment and traveling.

aelous airship travel

aelous airship travel

aelous airship travel

aelous airship travel

aelous airship travel

Designer : Christopher Ottersbach

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6 thoughts on “Aeolus Airship Travel Vehicle Concept with Aerodynamic Shape

  1. This is really great design and airships might be the solution for a new sustainable way of transport. See also a simular idea for the Airship One with great animation video:
    Want more airships? Then look to this spectaculair Air-ray with some awsome movies (click on film) and guess what, the made even an underwater version: the Aqua-ray

  2. need Solar Photo Voltaics To power electric motors.

    "These new materials, known as solar textiles, work like the now-familiar photovoltaic cells in solar panels. Made of semiconductor materials, they absorb sunlight and convert it into electricity."

    Very cool design overall would love to vacation in one.

    The New RV

  3. Strong lateral wind could generate a dangerous torsion of vehicle. Maybe a pivot system on the basement (between balloon and cabin) could be useful to turn the balloon into a big sail, and using the momentum of the wind as you would do in a vessel.

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