Organic Speaker is Inspired by Woman’s Body

Speakers of various sizes and shapes are found nowadays which are handy as well as beautiful. This Organic speaker is inspired by Munthe plus Simonsens feminine style.. and a womans body. Very beautiful indeed !

organic speaker

organic speaker

organic speaker

organic speaker

organic speaker

Designer : MadeByMakers

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One thought on “Organic Speaker is Inspired by Woman’s Body

  1. Hi i'm venkatreddy from india.

    i saw your furniture designs in futuredesigns website.its very nice .

    i need small information from you.

    1)did you get any reply from that company r website.

    2)can u give any information about websites like future designs and that companies.

    3)i had some designs with me,so that how i can send them to these companies r websites successfully.

    4)and finally any advices for me,as i was new to this field.

    plez reply …

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