Renard GT Motorcycle Features Carbon-Fiber Monocoque Reinforced with Kevlar

With carbon-fiber monocoque that weighs only 19,8lbs (9kg), Renard GT Motorcyle is an ultra light motorbike that features longitudinally mounted V2 engine and cutting edge components in composite unibody. The monocoque is also reinforced with Kevlar, giving you a motorcycle that is resistant to both impact and vibration.

Designed with an increased cross-section, the body is stiffer than a regular pipe frame, therefore, resulting in precise steering. Unibody flow through the motorcycle frame, petrol tank, and air box, creating a unique, single load-bearing structure. Sleek exterior is the signature of Renard GT design, it always has distinctive appearance.

Designer : Renard

Renard GT Motorcycle

Renard GT Motorcycle

The suspension is adjustable in three dimensions, while all hardened aluminum components are designed and modeled in 3D, then continue milled from a solid block by CNC machines. The result is high-quality, reliable, and sophisticated components. The V2 engine offers strong and powerful performance while producing sufficient torque at low revs. This motorbike provides smooth acceleration from city streets to the end of the lonesome straight away. Its air-cooled engine is able to produce 123hp at 7100rpm with a top speed of 155mph (250km/h).

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Renard GT MotorcycleRenard GT MotorcycleRenard GT MotorcycleRenard GT MotorcycleRenard GT MotorcycleRenard GT Motorcycle

Renard GT Motorcycle

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