Plan A : An Electronic Planner of Office Workers

The device for efficient time management has designed in a way that resembles with an elegant cigarette case and the original functionality is quite hard to realize without checking out the duel touchscreen LCD. This intuitive time management device has been designed to enable users to make the most of their time in a simple way. This device is able to act as an electronic schemer book where users can organize their tasks in both a calendar and a list method. When you will hold the device horizontally, it will work in calendar mode and you can work on it in list mode if you hold it vertically.

plan a electronic planner

plan a electronic planner

plan a electronic planner

There are three different textured outlines on the outside surface of the device; plain, matt and stripped. Moreover, you will be able to synchronize this device with you PC through USB port or a docking system that is available in five different colors. This device turns on instantly when opened. This gadget includes an analoguefeel and features accelerometer that enables the interface to be extremely intuitive. The precision and simplicity of this product will surely help all range of users, especially those who are experiencing difficulties organizing their daily tasks both in home and office.

plan a electronic planner

Designer : Andreas Svensson

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13 thoughts on “Plan A : An Electronic Planner of Office Workers

  1. Dear god – please make this real. I have been working for a PDA that still has tech support available for it and all that's really left is the IPod Touch.

    I have ADHD and planners work great until I forget to look in them. Electronics are easier for me to deal with because I can set alarms, have things pop up on the screen, etc.

  2. I personally love organizing my daily routines. This is definitely something I need in my life. Has this been created and on the market? Or is it still in the process?

  3. Yes I’m looking for a separate electronic planner to use instead of my phone. Is this a good solution? If so how much is it?

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