Calypso Sports Car Concept is Inspired by A Shark

Calypso is a concept sports car with aggressive and strong but yet simple design line inspired by the sharks. The cutting edge simple design of this single-seater sports car has made it unusual from others. But the key amazing feature of this car is the pulled out rear-view mirrors from the cars hood which will not only improve aerodynamics but the visual elegance of this car will also achieve a new level. This extraordinary rear-view mirror also includes left and right indicator light that allows easier and better sight for the other drivers. Altogether, the combination of stylish white body with black tinted glass, this car will be appreciated by any sports lovers.

calypso car concept

calypso car concept

calypso car concept

Designer : Apostol Tnokovski

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4 thoughts on “Calypso Sports Car Concept is Inspired by A Shark

  1. For an Eco car, Id drive this vs other designs Ive seen (save some triwheelers).

    Very cool shape

    Add Hybrid engine & Im Gone

    Hello FIAT produce this or Nissan, Lotus,

    Toyota, KIa, Hyundai.

    Very Radical shape.

    Make amphib model?

  2. This is a great concept and I immediatly thought, 'If anyone will bring this out it would be Volvo'. The design path of Volvo leads straight into this just look at the s60 concept.

    @ stephen russel:

    FIAT? – no way too cool for them

    Nissan? – I don't think so

    Lotus? – never in a million years*

    Toyota? – possible

    Kia? – same as FIAT

    Hyundai? – most possible of your choices

    Amphibious version would be very interesting with a water processing unit to seperate the hydrogen from the oxygen in the water using electrolysis.

    *It has nothing to do with any existing or forthcoming Lotus designed cars.

    Would love this to go into production as I would buy it straight away.

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