Packable Wine Toasting Picnic Table Holds a Wine Bottle and Four Stemmed Glasses Upright Safely

Enjoy a picnic in a lovely day with friends, don’t forget to bring your favorite bottle of wine and some glasses. Gafy Owen and Sean Nelson, two professional designers have come up with smart solution to put your glass down, no need to worry about your wine glass tip over thanks to this Packable Wine Toasting Picnic Table. It’s a compact, birch table that can be easily setup to hold your bottle of wine and up to four stemmed glasses upright. The word “Cheers” engraved on the side reminds you to take a break and enjoy the moment. Handmade in UK, each table comes in pieces that can be easily tossed in your backpack and you’re ready for a nice picnic in the park. [Buy It Here]

Packable Wine Toasting Picnic Table

Packable Wine Toasting Picnic Table

Packable Wine Toasting Picnic Table

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