Open Mirror by Digital Habit(s)

Open mirror is a unique mirror that you can use to hear music by connecting it to your music player or smartphone. Thanks to its advanced sensor based interface, you can control the music without touching the screen. When in stand-by position, the mirror features a full oval shape. The shape is divided in the lower part by a line of light that suggests the direction of the decomposition of the figure. The sliding movement reveals the functions of the product. The docking station comes out and a different light starts to illuminate the area where the sensors are active.

Designer : Digital Habit(s)

Open Mirror by Digital Habit(s)

Open Mirror by Digital Habit(s)

Open Mirror can be controlled by hand movements and let the user make basic interactions with the music or video player of compatible devices. Move your hand from right to left and vice versa and get forward and backward song control. Stay in the middle or right position and make the volume down or up. Stay on the left position and play or pause the music (see images on the left). Physical computing gives a new approach to the discipline of HCI (human computer interaction). People are more skilled in moving their bodies or hands in the space than grasping mouse or keyboards or touching displays. Natural gesture is a way of giving input that humans already know by their common experience.

The sensors detect human gestures and the software interprets and decodes their complexity, generating a consistent output through various actuators.

Open Mirror by Digital Habit(s)

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