Mini Indoor S’mores Fire Pit When It’s Too Cold To Spend The Night Outside

Large gathering around a campfire might not be possible nowadays, but in the mean time, we can still replicate the intimate feeling of gathering with few friends through this Indoor S’mores Fire Pit. You can still roasting marshmallows and telling stories, this firepit is a miniature eversion of that classic firepit, there’s no reason not to create camping memories inside your house, any time.

Even when pandemic is over, you can still get to enjoy some little s’mores, when it’s too cold to spend the night outside, just start your mini bonfire inside. [Buy It Here]

Indoor S'mores Fire Pit by Patrick Fitzpatrick

City dwellers, there’s no reason not to start a traditional bonfire. Indoor S’mores Fire Pit is a great alternative to that outdoor blaze, simply place it on the table, prepare some marshmallows, alcohol for fuel, and get to roasting. The flame can burn for up to 50 minutes. Created by Patrick Fitzpatrick, this kit consists of handmade base, stainless steel skewers along with a glass to hold them, a snuffer, and a roasting pit. [Buy It Here]

Indoor S'mores Fire Pit by Patrick Fitzpatrick

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