Leaf Urban Health Tracker Turns Into Stylish Accessory to Complement Your Style

Leaf Urban Health Tracker, it’s a wearable device that tracks your activity, health, and sleep routine. It uses all those collected data and uses its unique algorithm to calculate your resistance to stress. Designed as a stylish piece of jewelry, Leaf Urban would complement your style, better yet, it is optimized for women’s health, making data tacking more personalized and accurate. This tracker that looks like a jewelry can be worn in three ways, it will be able to suit any occasion or outfit easily.

Leaf Urban Health Tracker

Having up to 6-months of battery life, Leaf Urban Health Tracker makes sure you don’t have to worry about charging. Just release the battery once it’s drained. Simply set your own goals and increase them as you progress. This tracker helps you work on your health at your own speed without competing with others. Set the alarm to remind you about your medications or simply to stay active, the silent alarm would wake you up gently to keep up with your schedule. The Bellabeat app tracks your ovulation days and menstrual cycle. [Buy It Here]

Leaf Urban Health Tracker

Leaf Urban Health Tracker

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