Tame Helps You Synchronizing Your Status Messages

Multitasking is an important part of our personal and professional lives, but sometimes you need to focus. Tame lets you concentrate on work when you need to, without giving up the peace of mind that you will still be able to receive a call if it is urgent. Tame doesn’t screen any incoming calls, so you can still answer any message if you choose.

Tame is a concept that sets a status message synced with all of your devices and applications. If you’re driving or need some privacy, you can tell Tame to handle auto-responses to your phone, IM, text, Facebook, and more. You can store messages on each face, and when you need to change your status, just rotate the cube to the desired face. Besides a written message, Tame uses a red-yellow-green color coding system to let people know at a glance if they can contact you.

tame multitasking concept

tame multitasking your work concept

tame multitasking synchronized concept

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