Rustic Wine Barrel Ceiling Light Is Made Out of Authentic Wine Barrels

Retired wine barrels can be transformed to just about anything, such as rustic wine barrel ceiling light. This piece came from black sea lighting’s barrel collection, well, it is made out of authentic wine barrels from Black Sea vineyards (Bulgaria). Just in case you don’t know, it’s one of world’s oldest vineyards since the time of Thracians.

Rustic Wine Barrel Ceiling Light

As optimum authentic appearance is preserved, this light would definitely give rustic and industrial vibe. It works with all kinds of 26/27 bulbs and operates at 110/230V. It would turn into a nice addition in any bar, in fact, you’ll find the light even more elegant and beautiful once you get your hands on it. [Buy It Here]

Rustic Wine Barrel Ceiling Light

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