LifeLine Bracelet Will Track Your Health and Encourage You To Remain Active

LifeLine is a modular bracelet shaped health tracking system that can monitor heart rate, temperature, blood sugar levels, and wirelessly synchronize and display this information into a mobile phone or a computer. This device will create graphs according to the data it gathered from the user and encourage them to remain active by providing week to week feedback. The power source of the stylish bracelet is the human body itself. Moreover, it can be charged through wireless power pad or USB cable. All data accumulated through LifeLine can be shared through social media by using its dedicated application or website that will encourage spirited challenges with others.

lifeline health tracking system

lifeline health tracking system

Designer : Mikhail St-Denis

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3 thoughts on “LifeLine Bracelet Will Track Your Health and Encourage You To Remain Active

  1. Is there any company actually working on developing this design? If not, who do I contact to discuss putting this into production? If it is, whose website should I be perusing for a street date?

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