Kitchen + Office Workstation Concept

With working from home being the norm nowadays, SOHO or Small Office Home Office is just an extension of the same. Though you have got your office home, it gives you flexibility to be yourself in your home cum office or is it vice versa? Anyway while you are cooking and chatting up with friends, you want to show your holiday pictures stored in your laptop; so what all can you do simultaneously? Cook the food, hold the laptop or describe the pictures to your friends? Quite cumbersome isn’t it? Don’t worry help is here! Schulte Design has come up with what they call as Kitchen Workstation.

This revolutionary design takes care of all the worries that one has with respect to keeping the laptop at a tidy place, because it has a tidy place that tucks in the space to keep your laptop and other stuff while your food is being served. Also you have the space that has a glass panel which looks elegant as is illuminated. The design is practical as there is space to keep paper and other documents.

The best part is that it is mounted on rollers thus can be moved around. Available in various options of wood finish like olive, wild cherry, plum and walnut and also in the classic wood range, just go ahead and choose the color as per your furniture.

kitchen workstation

kitchen workstation by schulte design

kitchen compact=

Designer : Schulte Design via Trendir

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