Hilab Portable Laboratory Concept Revolutionizes Medical Diagnosis Tests

In the future, lab test can be done quick, accurate, and inexpensive. Hilab is a concept portable laboratory that wants to revolutionize medical diagnosis tests, it is capable to delivery result to just any place in the world, fast. Hilab allows patients in any part of the world to conduct their own examinations by simply accessing the internet. It only requires a drop of blood, which is kept in a capsule and then inserted onto a scanner. This data is then transmitted to a centralized laboratory where medical professionals, doctors, and researches would analyze it and deliver the result in just 5 to 10 minutes. This concept project wants to humanize medicine, making it accessible for everyone.

Hilab Portable Laboratory by Ricardo Silva

Hilab Portable Laboratory by Ricardo Silva

Through this technology, it is highly possible to get faster and cheaper result compared to traditional laboratories where 40% of the costs are usually based on logistics, such as transporting samples from one collection point to another laboratory for further tests. Hilab by Ricardo Silva offers better solutions to answer the problem of physical labs that usually have limited capacity. This method can gradually lower the price of the medical tests.

Equipment and capsules can be distributed in health and medical centers to perform wide range of tests such as HIV, dengue, Zika Virus, pregnancy testing, cardiac markers, and Chikungunya. Fast result can help for early treatment of the disease for higher chance of a cure. The data can be centralized in a cloud service, which can be operated (for example) to identify onset of a dengue outbreak. When Hilab identifies a positive sample for dengue and a second one appears in the same region, it can be an indication that this area suffers an epidemic.

Hilab Portable Laboratory by Ricardo Silva

Hilab Portable Laboratory by Ricardo Silva

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