Handcrafted Machiya Outdoor Stool Design by Jin Kuramoto

Machiya Stool is crafted of 100% rattan, one of most sustainable materials as it is capable to regenerate in the span of 5-7 years. This material is extremely flexible as it gets steamed, it can be formed just with your hand, you can also use old traditional manufacturing techniques and a few simple tools to shape rattan into the object that you desired. Machiya is the name of traditional wooden townhouses that you can find throughout Japan, they are built side-by-side making them space efficient, they also have characteristic wooden lattices on the façade.

Machiya Outdoor Stool by Jin Kuramoto

Designed by Jin Kuramoto, Machiya Stool wants to implement the similar beauty of those traditional wooden townhouses with a storage shelf into a stool. It’s a handmade furniture by skilled wicker makers with just few simple tools. As rattan comes in almost 600 different variants, the company uses only two best qualities called Tohiti and Manau. This beautiful rattan furniture is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. [Buy It Here]

Machiya Outdoor Stool by Jin Kuramoto

Machiya Outdoor Stool by Jin Kuramoto

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