Futuristic Full QWERTY Transparent Wireless Glass Keyboard for Your Portable Devices

When you are bored with your conventional portable keyboard, check out this futuristic full QWERTY transparent wireless glass keyboard. Its touch sensitive surface allows for faster typing, simply pair it with your Bluetooth enabled devices from smartphone, tablet, to laptop. Aside from functioning as a keyboard, when you pair it with a compatible laptop, it’ll offer a touch-pad mouse function as well.

The high quality aluminum and tempered glass construction is pretty sturdy. This device is compatible with Mac OS X devices, iOS, Android, and Windows. However, when you want to feel tactile feedbacks when typing, we recommend you use Logitech K380 portable keyboard.

From : Brookstone [Buy It Here]

Transparent Wireless Glass Keyboard

Transparent Wireless Glass Keyboard

Transparent Wireless Glass Keyboard

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