UCIM Camera Features 3 USB Ports To Save The Photos

Sharing the picture is easier with UCIM camera. Unlike existing camera on the market, UCIM has been designed with 3 USB ports on the right side. You can place your memory stick into one of these ports and take pictures which will be stored in the stick. It eliminates all the hassles from traditional camera when you want to share your photos with friends (taking out the memory card, connect it to the computer, and save the files to share it with your friends later). UCIM allows you to grab the stick directly just like that. In fact, you can also temporary borrow a UCIM camera from a friend and take private pictures as you’d like without having the troubles in need of transferring the photos to your own computer.

Designer : Park Jung Eun

UCIM Camera

UCIM Camera

UCIM Camera

UCIM Camera

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2 thoughts on “UCIM Camera Features 3 USB Ports To Save The Photos

  1. said,wow indeed its all tech in my dreams as a dreamer my feelings run wild like fire,no i"m sane as my thoughts burn dreams into the living releality.I couldn"t of picked a better company to share this as the world can be Samsung.Thank you Samsung for sharing your dream with humanity in the art of creation.

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