Edrop Cap Water Purifier Provides Clean, Potable Water At Very Low Cost

There are more than 7 million people worldwide still don’t have access to safe drinking water, especially in impoverished areas where they don’t have proper water filtration facilities. Many of them still have to drink untreated surface water that often leads to bacterial infections and diseases.

Edrop Cap Water Purifier is a concept water purifier that provides user with clean drinking water at a very low cost, quickly and easily. This portable water purifier is suitable to be used anywhere, but it would be really useful for use in impoverished areas where water treatment facilities are scarce.

Edrop Cap Water Purifier

Designed by Li Xinmo, Qu Pengyu, Hang Su, and Xu Jinhui, Edrop features unique two-way connector that’s inspired by the shape of an hourglass and it fits on most plastic bottle openings. User can use two bottles at once without any need for additional accessories or filtration devices. The two-way filter element provides thorough filtration with back-flush function (activated by squeezing the bottle), it extends the filter element’s service life. This mechanism allows Edrop to provide clean water quickly to a large number of people, and some of this clean water can be easily stored as well for later use.

As portable water purifier, Edrop uses the form of an hourglass where you can connect two plastic bottles through their openings. One bottle is filled with dirty water and the other will result in clean, potable water.

Edrop Cap Water Purifier

Edrop Cap Water Purifier

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