Re-Paper Chopstick as An Alternative To Disposable Wooden Chopsticks

Industrial Designer, Chung Ran Hee has created an excellent alternative to disposable wooden chopsticks, Re-paper Chopstick. This concept is clean, eco-friendly and portable as well. The main material used for creating the chopstick is renewable paper and there is no room for the addition of chemical substances to make the chopsticks sanitary. The production process appears to be quite simple where the user starts with a pre-cut, smooth piece of printed cardboard, tearing along the pierced line in order to separate the 2 chopstick elements. The elements are then folded and adhered using eco-friendly glue. Every cardboard chopstick is emaciated and light. With no hassle, you can easily make the chopsticks whenever you need them.

Designer : Chung Ran Hee

Re-Paper Chopstick

Re-Paper Chopstick

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