Cool Gaming Keyboard Concept

This gaming keyboard is perfect for you who are crazy about playing each and every game that enters the gaming market. This gaming keyboard is surely for you because it can speed up the way you play games. Check out this new gaming keyboard with new attractive design. It is very small in size and has only those keys which are required to play your games. It is shaped in a way so that you feel very comfortable while playing. Complete research is done in order to come up with this gaming keyboard and it is made up of several layers as shown in the picture. I guess anyone would love to have this gaming keyboard on their computer table.

gaming keyboard

gaming keyboard

gaming keyboard

gaming keyboard

Designer : Hakan Bogazpinar

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6 thoughts on “Cool Gaming Keyboard Concept

  1. "Here’s betting they’ll never make a left handed version of this *curses his southpaw*"

    I'm with you mate.

    But other than that it looks cool

  2. This is major BS. When they'll understand that what is not standart – won't be comfortable for ANY gamer? We r all used with regular keyboards – maybe more buttons tho, ok.. But personally for me it's already painful if some keys r not in the usual place (like at the place of "z" key). If u want good experience with a good "gaming" keyboard – i suggest u to try Microsoft/Razer Reclusa, i'm typing from it right now. It's a bit heavy, but serves very well. Ofc this is only my opinion, but i'm sure many will agree with me.

  3. There's already something like this that's already being sold. And it's completely ambidextrous too! It's the ideazon Fang…. and it's actually really good!

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