Helios Grill Transforms Sunlight into Heat to Grill Your Food

Helios is a grill with the energy-efficiency of a solar oven. It stores upright to keep a small footprint and easily cantilevers open and locks in place, when you are ready to cook. In order to maximize safety, Helios is designed so that the reflective solar dish is pointed away from you while cooking. If the time of day or weather is not appropriate for solar grilling, it features a retractable plug, stored in the base, as an alternative energy source. Helios utilizes a reflective parabolic dish to focus sunlight onto a solar receptor, transforming it into usable energy. The energy travels from the parabolic dish to the grilling platform and heats a coil in order to cook food. Green and Healthy with Helios grill.

helios solar grill

helios solar grill

helios solar grill

Designer : Sean McGreevy

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21 thoughts on “Helios Grill Transforms Sunlight into Heat to Grill Your Food

  1. Great for 3rd world countries alone:

    India, Cent Africa, Pakistan, Iran, Vietnam,

    China, So Russia, Turkey, Iraq etc (any desert locale) & for the US: NV CA NM West TX UT CO.

    Dble the size & mount this on a flatbed trailer & serve 200 alone IE 200 hotdogs or burgers, sausages, chicken, pork etc.


    Solar Flatbed Mobile Grill.

    For Major daytime events, parades, shows.

    • Good question. I think it's just a DESIGN. It's plastered all over the internet but no real product to be found. All hat and no cattle as they say.

  2. What a terrible design. It would be simpler and more efficient to use the sunlight directly. I saw a picture of a solar grill that uses a curved mirror to focus the sunlight onto the grilling surface. The design shown here is needlessly complicated. There is more stuff to break and it would cost more. But sadly I am sure plenty of middle class Americans would buy it so they could be “green”. By the way, what kinds of resources would be used to make these grills? How much petroleum would go into making these? As with most things it’s best to go by KISS. Keep It Simple Stupid.

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