Future Train with Individual Capsule, But Not for Long Journey !

Train capsule concept is the result when creativity and technology meets, the designer come up with something that is shown in this picture. This is a futuristic train with unique and stylish seating arrangements. There are individual capsules where one person can sit comfortably for one or two hours but if you are going for a long journey, I doubt whether one can stand and roam inside this train and also there are 4 people lounge seating. Even though the capacity of this train to carry people is very less as compared to other trains but its design, graphic work and features like interaction with users, entertainment, significant data collection and customizable interface makes it unique train capsule concept.

future train concept

future train concept

future train concept

future train concept

future train concept

future train concept

Designer : Hamit Kanuni Kuralkan

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10 thoughts on “Future Train with Individual Capsule, But Not for Long Journey !

  1. nice concept, suitable for in-city transportation where you can get off in a station for WC, then get back on another – though the scenario can be deeper than that.

    but long distance transportation or a long trip in a city could be a little problem. since being isolated for a long time makes people down, etc etc.

  2. My concept for a train of the future is a "sorting train". When approaching a station, everyone wishing to get off at that station would go to the back car, and this car would then leave the train. Subsequently a new car would join the train with the passengers who wished to board at that station. This would effectively make everyone's train trip much, much quicker due to no one any losing time at station stops.

  3. i think u have made execllent presentation keeping in mind todays aerodynamics individual privacy but lost on practicality logic of capsule i got a suggestion i wonder if u can digest it make its capsule detachable so train does not stop just ejects individual capsule & attaches new one. Thanks

  4. Must for Urban use & Not Long range trips: 2 hours – trip time.

    Be unique

    Id have 2,4 passenger cubes.

    1/1 is too complex for income.

    Train speed should be 90 mph plus.

    Capsule should have Viewport

    Route map, MP3 player, cel phone, mirror,

    mini HD TV & Massage chair built in.

    Locales for use:

    Hong Kong, Mex City, Macau, Peking, Hanoi,

    Manila, Cebu City, LA CA, Wash DC, Denver CO,

    Santa Fe NM, Paris, Lyon, Berlin, London,

    Istanbul, Rome, Dubai

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