Chinese Character Inspired Resting Coat Rack Design

A modern furniture inspired by the word zhi, like literally. Resting Freestanding Coat Rack features harmonious structure and smooth lines of the Chinese character “止” (zhi) that means stop in the seal script work of “The Engravings on Mount Yi”.

The designer explains that there are two reasons why he decided to design a coat rack based on this character, first reason is that the structure of this character is perfect for the function. The second reason is that the shape of this furniture reminds you that you can always stop and rest for a moment in their fast-paced lives.

Resting Furniture by Luo Yaocan

Luo Yaocan, the designer, believes that the aesthetic of Chinese character can be brought to life through Resting Coat Rack. According to traditional Chinese art philosophy, calligraphy and painting have the same origin, the same philosophy can be applied to calligraphy and furniture. Traditional Chinese furniture design is rich in symbols and patterns, even though it’s only superficial.

Through Resting design, Luo hopes that he can use symbols to express true spirit of Chinese design deeply through the sense of line from calligraphy. It’s not just a furniture that stands at the corner of your house, Resting Coat Rack provides a meaningful oriental-inspired artistry in your home. It is both beautiful and functional. All parts are connected by mortise and tenon construction for easy self-assembly, enhancing the delightful experience of constructing your own furniture.

Resting Furniture by Luo Yaocan

Resting Furniture by Luo Yaocan

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