Rossinavi Infinity 42 BluE Superyacht Is Crafted Entirely from Lightweight Aluminum

Rossinavi has unveiled hybrid Infinity 42 BluE Superyacht. It’s a green yacht that spans 138.5 feet from tip to tail, it follows the footsteps of a 131-foot hybrid catamaran debuted in late 2021, Sea Cat Catamaran.

Now, once again, Rossinavi has teamed up with Fulvio de Simoni to come up a new environmentally friendly technology, BluE, to a monohull design. This new vessel is crafted entirely from lightweight aluminum with innovative eco-displacement hull that’s been proven reduce energy consumption even more than a traditional full-displacement hull.

Rossinavi Infinity 42 BluE Superyacht

As sustainability and high performance becomes the main key, Infinity 42 BluE Superyacht by Rossinavi features photovoltaic or solar panels for its deck. These solar panels are seven time lighter than traditional glass panels, yet it delivers highest power-to-weight ratio in current market. This type of cell is excellent even in low-intensity sunlight, capable to generate energy at minimum angles of incidence. The fully black cells integrates seamlessly with the deck’s aesthetics, its flexibility makes it perfect for use even in more curvilinear designs.

Bringing harmony to nature, this yacht is able to sail in electric mode for 90% of the time on a one day trip. Just enjoy the silence of comfort.

Rossinavi Infinity 42 BluE Superyacht

Rossinavi Infinity 42 BluE Superyacht

Rossinavi Infinity 42 BluE Yacht wants to make room for tradition in the future. Guests can access the main deck through the Beach Club, it is always ready for use even during navigation. Start an exotic party whenever you want it. on board you’ll find an aft lounge area on the mezzanine deck, it has seating with a sea view. The reserved spot is suitable for admiring the landscape while engaging in conversation and drinking a bottle of beer or a refreshing cocktail. The spacious sunbathing area is located at the fly deck, simply pass through the aft mezzanine deck. This luxury yacht wants to be your world of fun, adventure, and relaxation while being in harmony with nature.

Rossinavi Infinity 42 BluE Superyacht

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