Rolls-Royce Crystal Blue Luxury Yacht: High Performance Yacht with Hybrid Propulsion

Crystal Blue Luxury Yacht from Rolls-Royce is a ground breaking concept yacht that offers the advantages of advanced ship technology and hybrid propulsion. This yacht is based on LNG fuel and battery power, a project that aims to encourage new thinking in yacht design and propulsion with optimized structure to provide better comfort for passengers. This concept yacht is designed specifically to show that new technology can meet market demand for higher performance yacht with greater operating ranges and much better comfort without harming the environment.

Rolls-Royce Crystal Blue Luxury Yacht with Advanced Technology and Hybrid Propulsion

Rolls-Royce Crystal Blue Luxury Yacht is designed with a bridge located below the bow, inside the vessel, yes, they didn’t forget to include it in the design, it’s just been moved to a better location. This bridge opens up the traditional area of the bridge in forward part of the superstructure by allowing owners and guests to enjoy a panoramic view, which is traditionally enjoyed just by the crew.

This yacht is equipped with intelligence and advanced technology with remote-control concepts, it means that the crew can monitor and control this yacht using sophisticated cameras, sensors, display screens, and high-tech controller. In the event of unauthorized boarding, Rolls-Royce Blue Ocean design team has prepared a “safe room” where guests and crew can be safe and override controls. They can operate the yacht remotely or use a shore-based center to pilot the yacht.

Rolls-Royce Crystal Blue Luxury Yacht is capable to accommodate up to 12-passengers with 12-crew. This 62-meter yacht is based on a composite or aluminum hull operating a power plant based on the Rolls-Royce hybrid LNG/Battery SAVe-CUBE system configuration. Rolls-Royce wants to show us how the future of yacht might look like.

Rolls-Royce Crystal Blue Luxury Yacht with Advanced Technology and Hybrid Propulsion

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