BikeBug Communication System for Cyclists

BikeBug Bluetooth radio concept will diminish the limitation of cyclists when they go out together and want to communicate with each other. BikeBug communication system includes an easy to use, small radio consists of two major components; a radio resided in a stretchy, hook-on exoskeleton, and an earpiece or microphone that includes the volume control mechanism. An incorporated Bluetooth transmitter links the earpiece or mike with the radio wirelessly through which the cyclists will have a wire free convenience. Family Radio Service frequencies, which are being used by most economical hand-held radios, will be mostly used to establish the communication.

bikebug communication system

bikebug communication system

bikebug communication system

bikebug communication system

Designer : Continuum

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11 thoughts on “BikeBug Communication System for Cyclists

  1. We are planning a quest across the Nullabor in Australia, 1000km in 10 days with four cyclists,, please advise where we can purchase these headsets!

  2. 2.4ghz radio waves next to my brain for hours!

    I love the design, just not sure about the frequency band choice, but then again it does not seem to bother many cell phone users.

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