Colibri Food Dispenser for Big Cities

There are many people inhabiting and starving in the big city’s streets and the main goal of the Colibri Food Dispenser is to provide food for those people. This concept is just like a “bridge” between the excess foods and the underfed who is searching for leftovers constantly. Both the external cover and the internal structure are made of steel and this box will provide good safety against vandalism and climatologically bad conditions. The container with dimensions : 183 cm (H) x 50, 5 cm (W) x 54 cm (D), includes an antimicrobial outside layer and is totally recyclable. Additionally, elements like an individual system for food packaging and a cooling system are being used to assure better food preservation.

colibri food dispenser concept

colibri food dispenser concept

colibri food dispenser concept

Designer : Luiz Augusto Moreira

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