Green Technology Tower with Wind Turbines at The Corners

The concept of “Clean Technology Tower” is brought to you by Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill. This building will be built in Chicago as highly efficient building. They plan to put the wind turbines in each of the corners of the building, to make sure it captures the wind at its highest velocity as it accelerates around the tower. At the apex, where wind speeds are at a maximum, a domed double roof cavity directs the wind towards an array of wind turbines. The negative pressure created by the turbines will be used to ventilate interior spaces. The dome itself is shaded by solar cells that capture the southern sun. These systems provide both comfort and energy to the space. Building on principles of biomimicry, Clean Technology Tower utilizes advanced technologies and climate-appropriate building systems to foster a symbiotic relationship with its local environment.

clean technology tower

future clean technology tower

The tower is easily accessible via both public and private transportation. Hotel and office lobbies have dedicated street entrances and vehicle pick-up and drop-off locations. Service access to the building and parking are available below grade.

clean technology tower with wind turbine

clean technology tower in chicago

clean technology tower

Designer : Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill via IGreenSpot via MetaEfficient

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2 thoughts on “Green Technology Tower with Wind Turbines at The Corners

  1. Id love to see this tower sited here:

    Dubai UAE




    LA CA

    SF CA.

    Las Vegas NV

    Reno NV

    Wash DC







    Palm Springs CA

    Mojave CA

    Sacramento CA

    All can benefit by its design & pass EIRs big time.

    Love to see built.

  2. Wonder how long will it take before they stop the turbines… it is almost impossible to dampen the vibrations caused by moving turbines and prevent them from spreading through the construction. Nice to go green, but is it really viable?

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