Aquaduct Helps You Filter Your Drink Water

Aquaduct Mobile Filtration Vehicle concept is pedal-powered vehicle that helps in transportation, filtration and storage of water for use in the developing world. There is a pump attached to the pedal crank that draws water from a large tank with the help of filter in a smaller clean tank. Even if you are traveling, you can filter water in to the tank. Actually, there is a clutch that engages and disengages the drive belt from pedal crank and enables the rider to carry on with filtering process. So, enjoy your ride on this cute and useful filtration vehicle.

aquaduct mobile filtration

Designer : David Janssens, John Lai, Adam Mack, Brian Mason, Eleanor Morgan and Paul Silberschatz via IGreenSpot

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3 thoughts on “Aquaduct Helps You Filter Your Drink Water

  1. wow, this is a really sweet invention. it could help a lot of ppl. there are a lot of problems with it, but dang. it's still awesome.

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