AmoebaBAND : Band Aid Concept With Adjustable Shape for Different Areas of Your Hand

AmoebaBAND was inspired by amoeba, a shapeless unicellular organism which is able to adjust its shape to its environment. Based on this concept, these industrial designers have come up with improved band-aid concept design, so that the same band-aid can be used in different areas after tearing into shape.

Hands are our body parts where band-aid is most frequently used. Innovative AmoeBAND uses a simple tear action to create a suitable shape for the affected area. According to German EMFT* latest research, when an infection of a wound is detected, the pH value is between 6.5 and 8.5. AmoeBAND’s indicator cross turns to purple to alert its user it’s time to replace his or her band-aid. The innovative material enables you to regularly check your would from outside without interrupting the healing process.

Designers : TayPek-Khai, Hsu Hao-Ming, Tsai Cheng-Yu, Chen Kuei-Yuan, Chen Yi-Ting, Lai Jen-Hao, Ho Chia-Ying, Chen Ying-shan, Weng Yu-Ching and Chung Kuo-Ting

AmoeBAND Bionic Concept

AmoeBAND Bionic Concept

The use of leather-like material offers a variety of color choices. The injured area will not be overly highlighted at different skin tones. AmoeBAND is packed in matchbox style, it’s easy to take it out: just slide the inner box out.

AmoeBAND Bionic Concept

AmoeBAND Bionic Concept

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