Virtual Frame Ultimate Gaming Console Blends Virtual Reality With Portability

Have you ever thought why people are going to the virtual reality gaming centers and play wearing hectic goggles and widgets while there are so many portable gaming platforms available such as Nintendo gameboy, Nintendo DS, Sony PSP and others with great convenience? The answer definitely is the excitement of the blend of reality with virtual world even though portability is missing. “Virtual Frame” is a superb blend of virtual reality with portability that not only can offer unique gaming experience, also helps creating gaming communities and innovative social behaviors. By incorporating advance technologies like translucent touch screen, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, camera and others, this concept can engage players from different buildings in the neighborhood by sending them invitation and setting up gathering points to meet again with the gamers.

Designer : Juan Pablo Giraldo

virtual frame

virtual frame

virtual frame

virtual frame

virtual frame

virtual frame

virtual frame

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Stephen Russell says: May 27, 2010

There Goes X Box. or XBox Next Gen-portable.

Other Non Game Apps:

Tourisim IE issue to tour say dwtn Berlin Germany

Search Rescue


TSA screen passengers

Tickets for concerts, movie, event.



Emerg Comm


VIP use.

Radical device, produce this.

brillega says: May 30, 2010

I'm not so sure about this one, it seems a bit large to carry around, maybe if it folded up it would be better. I think too many people are going to have spent all their money on iphone/android to be able to afford another hardware platform…

cool but.... says: June 7, 2010

look i’m going to chros the street with my new ahhhhhhhhhhhh! BANG :(

Kevin says: June 18, 2015

You guyss really having such an incredible concepts but I don’t think that all are be live in furtherer future I mean there is not clarity of this types devices existences.

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