The Unique And Stylish Fractal.MGX Coffee Table Creates A Bond Between Users And Nature

Plants inside a house always complement to the interior decoration and the room environment, but when it’s about Fractal.MGX, it also adds handy functionalities. This unique and stylish coffee table is designed considering the fractal growth patterns of trees, making your room a lively place with great appearance. The table has been manufactured as a single piece using epoxy resin and stereo lithography without any seams or joints aiming to turn a simple room into something worth feeling proud of. Even though it doesn’t seem much useful as a coffee table to me due to its uneven surface (unless the designers have thought some unique cups and saucers with matching bottom), it surely can create a bond between human life and nature.

Designers : Gernot Oberfell and Jan Wertel

fractal.mgx coffee table

fractal.mgx coffee table

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Ronald Bachmann says: March 14, 2013

It’s going to take some special carpeting to go along with that equally unique table. Anything else would be an injustice.

Sandra says: April 4, 2013

I would love to have that in our basement! That part of my house is filled with the rarest stuff I could find, and this qualifies. Thanks for sharing!

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