Sunflower Street Lighting Features Efficient, Cost-Effective And Eco-Friendly City Lighting

What happens when there is no power supply in the street light, in worse case, what if the light is broken? Unless you have a bionic eye or using a night vision goggles, walking through a congested road during dark nights would be a horrible experience.

Sunflower street lighting not only eliminates the power issue through solar photovoltaic modules on the upper surface of the lamps, it ensures that if for any reason one light goes down, other lights will still continue to work. Moreover, incorporating the LED light instead of usual fluorescent bulb has made the concept up to eight times more efficient, cost effective and eco-friendly by reducing the mission of CO2. Each lighting consists 5 individual lamps on different cell modules and comprises one battery only to store the energy gathered from the sun during daytime. Finally, it the sunflower like appearance of the concept will enhance the décor of a city just like a thrived garden with lots of bloomed sunflower.

Designer : Riis Ros

sunflower street lighting

sunflower street lighting

sunflower street lighting

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5 thoughts on “Sunflower Street Lighting Features Efficient, Cost-Effective And Eco-Friendly City Lighting

  1. Too expensive for governments to afford and also it's a fancy technology, why wouldn't thieves steal these solar panels?

  2. The positions and angles of the soar panels wont give maximum exponation to the sun. The lower ones will get in the shadow of the higher ones at some time during the day.. The design is nice tho, pretty.
    Verry good to be able wo drop the whole underground powercable infrastructure in the urban area.

    Like The Creator says, the production and maintenance of these might get expensive, even if the energy wont. There comes the issue of convincing the goverment official to put out alot of money today to be able to save a buck tomorrow.. sometimes a hard thing to deal with 🙂

    Good work even so 🙂

  3. hi,
    i'm an interior design student, and i found the sunflower street
    i would just like to add, that it would be great if the sensors could
    heat, and then rotate to give a feeling of coolness to pedestrians etc.
    but it
    may require enclosing in fine aluminium to protect birds,
    i just feel this would be a wonderful integration into this design,

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