Cube Office Desk with Hidden Individual Storage Space

Cube is an innovative office desk unlike the traditional planar board tables that can’t perform more than just a table. The work surface features differently sized and colored cube each with the capability of being used as an individual storage space. Whenever you want to open a cube, just push that cube downwards and let it go, it will come up making a space for your necessary items. This handy desk will allow you to avoid the mess on your table by keeping the mess inside the table hiding it from others. Moreover, you can have better management of your items by labeling each cube with different names according to the inside content.

cube office desk

cube office desk

cube office desk

cube office desk

Designer : Matthias Pugin

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5 thoughts on “Cube Office Desk with Hidden Individual Storage Space

  1. awesome idea, I would love to have one of those (perhaps with less striking colours). the mechanism might be hard to implement but if it could work smoothly and effortlessly it would be a real improvement over normal desks!

  2. What a stylish colorful desk! I have never seen before! We can put so many different things in different size also! I like it so much! Wonderful pictures!

  3. great concept, especially if your studying design and you have lots of little bits and pieces here and there, but it would look better if you toned down the colors.. maybe create it from different forms of timber/wood, giving it a kind of mismatched wooden table.

  4. It'd be nice to see this either in different color schemes, or in customizable color schemes, to make it more flexible with different interior designs.

  5. When all is laid flat, (thinks) hmmm.. in what cube did I put my calculator. (searches every cube) should I put a post-it label on every cube?

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