The Sound From The Wind

Riding a bicycle can fun with the music in your ear. Don’t have the mp3 player? No problem, THE SOUND FROM WIND designed by Joseph Kim can help you with that, this gadget makes a melody through wind by using principles of the instruments such as the Flute or the Ocarina. To create difference melodies, you can use the buttons on the handle. Sound and volume can be controlled by your fingers and speed of bicycle. Now, you can ride your bike and be a musician at the same time. I guess I have to agree with all the voters in “Power To The Pedal” competition, this gadget is really cool.

the sound from the wind

the sound from the wind

the sound from the wind

the sound from the wind

the sound from the wind

Designer : Joseph Kim

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Irene Clark says: June 3, 2008

where do you buy one??

TheFuture says: June 4, 2008

@Irene, it's still a concept, not yet into production

stijn says: August 16, 2009

Despite the good design aren't you worried that this music device will take the attention away from the traffic and cause by doing so more traffic accidents.

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