Body Dryer Offers You With Refreshing Bacteria Free Drying Experience

No more towel, you can stand on Body Dryer to dry your body after shower. It works just like a giant hand dryer that you usually find in public restrooms. This is great especially when you always need 2 towels to dry yourself, this could be your solution, just like this air shower concept we previously feature. At first sight, it looks light a weigh scale, well, you do have to stand on it for the dryer to blast warm air to dry you.

The main goal of this project is to help you to get refreshing bacteria free drying experience. Unlike towel that requires maintenance along with some other products, this device revolutionizes the process of body drying. This dryer works by blasting warm air to your entire body with compressed ionized air through the ventilation plates. It creates a true circular air effect that encircles your body as it rises, evaporating and taking the moisture away.

From : RPM, LLC

Body Dryer by RPM, LLC

Body Dryer by RPM, LLC

Body Dryer offers you both hot and cold air, you can choose which one you want to use, but considering we all use towels for the instant warmth, well, it’s a no-brainer which option you would choose. You can save water here since you don’t need to wash towels anymore.

Body Dryer by RPM, LLC

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